Rooted in Switzerland's Bern region, Bernafon has developed, engineered and improved hearing systems for more than half a century. Bernafon hearing systems are offered in a full array of styles, colors and options and can easily be operated with optional remote controls and linked to other communication devices via Bluetooth technology.

Bernafon hearing solutions can either be worn almost invisibly in the ear or visibly in a fashionable way behind the ear. Its every product pools the highest standards of Swiss Engineering. Some of the top performing models are:


Win hearing instruments have the ideal combination of affordable digital technology, superior product quality, and easy to use fitting software. Win labels an entry-level family of instruments constituting 3 channel signal processing technology and performance features to improve speech understanding and wearing comfort.


Inizia is a channel free product suitable for most hearing instrument fittings. The hearing system styles range from the cosmetically appealing CIC to the powerful Compact Power Plus BTE. Whether mild or severe, Inizia hearing solutions fit virtually any type of hearing loss. Inizia offers state-of-the-art technology and targets clients in need of an affordable yet high-quality hearing solution.