The Made for iPhone hearing aids are instruments that can be synced to your Apple device in order to enhance your listening experience. In other words, they are engineered to work specifically with your iPhone, iPad®, iPod® touch and Apple Watch®. You will be able to hear music, films and phone conversations clearly and crisply with top-rated sound quality. For instance, stereo sound from your favorite music or movie can be streamed directly from your iPhone, iPad® , iPod® touch or Apple Watch®.

And the best part is that you get to enjoy all of this without worrying about wires or something hanging around your neck which means that you are able to seamlessly connect with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices to make your hearing aids work like Bluetooth stereo headphones.

At C.C. Saha Ltd., we offer two state-of-the-art Made-for-iPhone Hearing Aids: the HaloTM series from US headquartered Starkey Hearing Technologies and the LiNX2 model from ReSound, a leading Denmark based manufacturer. These hearing aids typically come with features that are compatible with your Apple devices by streaming phone calls, music and more, directly to your hearing aids. The HaloTM is an exceptional hearing aid product series which enhances your listening experience with superior technology that delivers pristine audio and exceptional listening clarity, helps you better understand conversations in any noisy environment and eliminates buzzing and whistling.