Nowadays, newborn hearing screening programs usually identify deafness in children by the time they are two months old. If you suspect your child has an unidentified hearing loss, please do not delay. Even a few months delay in conducting basic hearing tests for children can be significant when it comes to the rapidly changing brain of a child. Studies show that early intervention can significantly help improve language development and increase academic success.

C.C. Saha Ltd. offers the entire gamut of auditory opportunities for kids. To start with, we have extensive auditory tests for toddlers and babies ranging from the standard OAE screening tests to the more comprehensive ones like BERA and ASSR. In addition, we offer customized speech therapy programs for kids.

As far as hearing devices for your kid are concerned, C.C. Saha Ltd. has pediatric-friendly products and program offerings designed to help you tackle your child's hearing loss head-on. Starting from colorful hearing aids with kid-friendly features, we have almost everything that is needed to deal with your child’s aural disability.

For most children, especially young ones, the behind-the-ear (BTE) auditory aids are the most appropriate option for their hearing loss. Globally renowned companies such as ReSound and Phonak have specially designed machines that are meant for small ears.

Exclusively made for young ones, the Phonak Sky Q offers a solution for almost every type of hearing loss. It brings with it the most advanced technology pertaining to hearing aids for children of all ages with mild to profound hearing impairment. The Phonak Sky Q has been designed with a child’s yearning for fun and exploration in mind, with its unique mix & match choice of colors for housings and ear hooks. Most importantly, these machines are resistant to water, sweat and dust, making them the perfect activity companion.

The ReSound UpSmartTM, an instrument intended for toddlers, ensures clear sound amplified to the right level for your kid. The UpSmart keeps up with changing auditory needs as your child grows. The specially designed machines for children meet or exceed all pediatric safety requirements – and they are shielded from moisture, oil and debris with isolate nanotech protection. This, along with the auto-locking battery door, ensures high pediatric standards for tamper-resistant protection. With wireless accessories like the ReSound Unite TV Streamer, kids get sound from TVs, computers and other audio sources streamed directly into their hearing aids.