Phonak is a Swiss multi-national company, a member of Sonova Group, specialised in the field of hearing for designing, development, production and worldwide distribution of technologically advanced wireless and hearing systems. With a legacy spanning over 60 years, Phonak has been present in India for nearly 20 years.

Phonak offers a complete product portfolio of hearing instruments and complementary FM systems that fit any user’s individual needs regardless of the type of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal taste, age or budget. A few salient features of some of the Phonak models are detailed below:

Audeo V

This is a comprehensive RIC portfolio for mild to severe hearing loss, designed to seamlessly fit into one’s lives. The Audeo series has twice the processing power and up to 30% less battery consumption with AutoSense OS next generation automation technology providing consumers with maximum convenience and a seamless listening experience.

Naida Q

Phonak Naida Q is the most complete, water resistant power portfolio covering moderate to profound hearing losses. Naida Q introduces significant performance enhancements across all levels, offering a host of features, based on Binaural VoiceStream technology. It is also compatible with Roger technology for improved speech understanding in noise and over distance.