Siemens stands for German ingenuity and innovation. For over 130 years, Siemens Audiology Solutions has been developing hearing instruments that are technically state-of-the-art so that one can offer customers the right hearing solution. In Siemens, one will have a wide choice between many different models and performance levels from the almost invisible CIC hearing instrument to the powerful BTE system. Some of its recent innovations are listed below:


The ultra-tiny, ultra-comfortable Insio is a discreet solution with the latest BINAX & MICON technology, optimised to fit the specific characteristics of custom hearing instruments.


Motion is a behind the ear hearing aid with the latest BINAX and MICON technology that is ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle: fully featured, hassle- free and reliable. With a stylish design, Motion comes in various sizes and models and covers almost all degrees of hearing loss.


Pure & Pure Carat are hearing solutions for those looking for a very discreet and powerful hearing instrument. Thanks to their small size, they are less visible and totally unobtrusive. Inside, they are packed with a host of innovations from Siemens BINAX and MICON technology to bring you the ultimate in sound quality and hearing comfort.