In today’s modern world, we rely heavily on our mobile phones, tablets and other wireless devices to keep us connected to our family, friends and workplace throughout the day. These devices use signals that are transmitted through the air via receiving points, ultimately delivering messages to the recipient without wires. This technology has changed many things in our daily lives… and hearing aids are no exception.

Wireless hearing aids are often capable of wirelessly communicating with external devices as well as with each other. By using the wireless technology, one can:

  • Stream phone calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids
  • Deliver pristine sound and exceptional listening clarity
  • Eliminate buzzing and whistling
  • Help you understand conversations better even in a noisy environment
  • At C.C. Saha Ltd., we offer an advanced range of wireless hearing aids — in a redesigned and easy-to-use style. These reliable, high-performance and virtually waterproof hearing aids are designed to make people’s voices come in clearer and every environment sound better. Combined with wireless accessories, they are also designed to enhance the way one listens to music, watch TV and talk on the phone.

    Globally renowned companies like Starkey and ReSound among others offer excellent state-of-the-art products with wireless accessories and transmitters which when paired with hearing aids lets you get a clear and consistent wireless streaming anytime, anywhere. With remote control access, you can adjust the volume, change hearing aid programs and control your wireless accessories, all without touching – and drawing attention to – your hearing aids.